Locanda Al Confin Osteria Le Piere

The pleasure of a Veronese cuisine served in a sophisticated setting surrounded by greenery, tasting a good bottle of quality wine !



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TEL. 045 8841030 - 045 8650920

Our story

Locanda al Confin is one of the oldest meeting place along the "VAL SQUARANTO" (Verona), which in the past was the only way to reach Cerro, Roverè and Boscochiesanuova, main villages on the Monti Lessini.

Old beams, stairs of stone and wood doors... details that make you think of the past times. Arranged on three levels the tables and the seats give movement to a simple and friendly environment and in the evocative wine cellar ca. 250 types of wine are well bottled, ready to give a special flavor to your dinner.

Into the green

The "Val Squaranto" is a path dear to cyclists; during spring and summer they can find relief at the refreshment bar which is outside, in the garden. The stallage of red marm, moreover, is ideal to dinner embraced by the greenlife.

The sensation is that of belonging to a natural amphitheatre where a solitary and ancient world concentrates all its liveliness.