Proposals menu '
Antipasto with polenta, salami, blue cheese, mushrooms and bacon
Bigoli Italy (basil pesto, fresh ricotta and cirietto)
Macaroni with leek, sausage and smoked ricotta
Meat "salà" crush thirty
Caprese with buffalo mozzarella
side dishes
Sweet of home
€ 28 excluding beverages
Tart of onions and Emmental with zucchini cream
Lasagne with fresh mushrooms in season
Macheroncini with fresh tuna, black olives and cirietto
Meat Carpaccio salà thirty with parmesan and arugula
pork cut with apple and sour
side dishes
Sweet of home
€ 30 excluding beverages
prosciutto with stracciatella / Russian salad
Ricotta gnocchi with truffles
Bigoli with red onion, olives and pecorino cheese
rabbit fillet in corn crust oven
Sliced beef with salt and rosemary
side dishes
Sweet of home
€ 32 excluding beverages
Aperitif with nibbles
Beef tartare
Lasagne with truffles
Risotto with fresh mushrooms in season
Sliced beef / horse with salt and rosemary
side dishes
Lemon sorbet
Selection of cheeses with local jams
Sweet of home
€ 37 excluding beverages
Other dishes:
lasagne with speck and radicchio, homemade sausage with pumpkin and cinnamon, bigoli with wild boar sauce, bigoli with musso, bigoli with duck, risotto with radicchio and smoked cheese, risotto feels-sal, risotto with pumpkin Mount Verona and caramelized recioto, Amarone risotto wafer of Parmesan, risotto with black truffles lessinia, onion soup, pasta and beans, wild boar stew with polenta, braised beef with polenta, lamb chops grilled strips of horse grain crust, prosciutto and melon, cut chicken with french fries

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